Billesley Manor Hotel

United Kingdom, Stratford-on-Avon


Health & Leisure Club

Guest have full access to the health club during their stay at Billesley Manor Hotel. Facilities include gymnasium, yoga hut, sauna, steam room, indoor swimming pool and outside tennis courts.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday: 6.30am - 9pm | Saturday & Sunday: 7.30am - 8pm. (Off-peak hours are Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm)

Gym Membership: As a new member you will be provided with an initial induction, followed by a personalised programme which will be tailored to suit your needs and ensure you reach your fitness goals. After your initial 6 week programme, you will have a review with one of the trained fitness consultants to track your progress, after which you will be invited to a results day. Your Personal Trainer is also available to give you "one to one" advice whenever you need it.

Membership Benefits: If you live or work in the area, why not become a member of the Health & Leisure Club and take advantage of these exclusive member benefits:

  • 20% Discount on Accommodation
  • 15% Food & Beverage discount
  • 20% Discount on Beauty Treatments
  • 3 Complimentary passes upon joining
  • Complimentary induction and leisure programme
  • Priority Promotions
  • 5% Discount on Private Dining Functions
  • 3 Complimentary Personal Training sessions
  • Special accommodation rates on Sunday evenings

For all membership enquiries, or to find out more about the various contracts or short term passes, please call 01789 279955 or email


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