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Cookie Policy

Bespoke hotels provides several hotel search tools and widgets, some of these use something called cookies.

Cookies are small files written on your computer by a website via your website browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome for example). These files are usually harmless and only store snippets of information that can personalise a websites services and appearance and improve interaction with the web site.

To make full use of the booking and searching widgets and social networking features, your computer, tablet or mobile phone will need to accept cookies.

Our cookies don’t store personal information such as your name, address.

Typical information that is stored in our cookies are a unique “tag” that allow the site to remember you and your widget usage data such as hotels recently veiwed.

You can restrict these cookies, however, the hotel widgets and tools will then not function correctly.

Here is a detailed list of the cookies we use and what they are used for:

Cookie name Cookie purpose
__utma __umtb __utmc __utmz Used by google analytics to provide the site owner with analysis of who uses the site, what they are looking for and other information. This allows the site owner to know what people are searching for. This information can be used in the future to improve the site content.
PHPSESSID A session that is set by to allow the website to know who you are and differentiate you from differnet users. It doesn’t know any personal data such as name, just that you are user “#1234”.
Other information is stored in here is hotels you have clicked as favourites, hotels you have recently viewed.
region Used very briefly then immediately destroyed. This is used in the home page widget, when a region is selected it is stored then the map page loaded. The map page destroys the cookie and functions as normal. Used by bespokes chat system to allow communication with staff. A social media tool used by facebook / twitter / google+. Cookies set by the add this button this is another social networking cookie used for like buttons and sharing. Part of the “addthis” set of cookies

For more details on how to manage cookies you can go to