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Bespoke Hotels

Accessibility Charter

Bespoke Hotels is a collection of mostly independent hotels. By the very nature of our name, each hotel is different. We have a range of relationships with those who run the hotels – from ownership through to management, sales and marketing agreements.

Whilst that means we cannot control every single aspect of every building, we do aspire to and encourage any property under the Bespoke Hotels umbrella to deliver the very highest standards in every aspect of the guest experience. And that extends to every, single guest.

And so we have drawn up both a ‘Liberty’ charter and a check-list. We ask each of our hotels to fulfil as many of these points as is practicably possible, and to commit to an action plan to address any shortcomings.

Our charter is simple. We want every guest of Bespoke Hotels to feel welcome and valued – through sympathetic design, helpful features and the training and attitude of people.

Our check-list is more extensive, and comprises ‘mandatory’ requirements, which generally speaking conform to the Equalities Act of 2010, and ‘Liberty’ standards. Hotels that address a high proportion of these additional requirements and standards may be designated a Bespoke Hotels ‘Liberty’ compliant property.

We have worked closely with Blue Badge Style to develop this accessibility charter and our Liberty standards.