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Paddington boasts a diverse array of dining options to suit every palate and occasion. Whether you’re seeking a cozy spot for a leisurely brunch, a bustling eatery for a quick bite, or a refined restaurant for a special evening out, Paddington has it all. With its bustling atmosphere, rich culinary heritage, and an abundance of top-notch eateries, Paddington is a haven for food lovers looking to explore the vibrant dining scene of London.


Mimos café

Indulge in the authentic flavors of Italy at Mimos Cafe, where every bite is a celebration of Italian culinary excellence. Despite its intimate size, the restaurant exudes discreet elegance and style, welcoming guests into a cosy haven.

Portion of omelette breakfast with ham

Lena’s café

Step into Lena’s Cafe and experience boutique-style dining at its finest. From Chef Mazen’s inspired salads to the delectable main courses, each dish is crafted with care and presented beautifully in our bain marie.

Home (

Bonne Bouche 2

Bonne Bouche

Artisan Patisserie and Bakery.  There are several shops and cafes across London serving filled baguettes, quiches, pastries, cakes, gateaux and biscuits. The top-selling nougat twists and almond twists are among the many products uniquely developed by owner Rolf Biller.

Our shops and cafes – Bonne Bouche

Jamuna outside (1)


Jamuna offers a fusion of British grills and Subcontinental luxury dining, creating a unique experience. Step inside to discover an intimate escape adorned with simple elegance and a touch of British nostalgia.



Angus Steakhouse


Motto Kitchen

Welcome to Motto Kitchen, where culinary excellence meets the charm of the Mediterranean. Situated in the heart of London. We invite you to indulge in the finest European-inspired cuisine.



Fantasia Grill House

Fantasia Grill House located in the heart of Paddington , the Urban restaurant Fantasia Grill House invites you to discover the oriental flavours of Urban dishes. In an atmosphere blending historical building with modern ambience.

Fantasia Grill House


Sawyers Arms

Situated among the busy offices of Paddington, the Sawyers Arms is a 19th century pub with plenty of freshly cooked pub food and cold drinks on offer. Inside you’ll find a friendly atmosphere, comfortable seating, and a mix of traditional carved wood with modern design for character across multiple floors.

The Sawyers Arms Pub Restaurant in Paddington London


It’s All Greek to Me

It’s All Greek to Me is a Greek restaurant and souvlaki bar with an authentic range of ‘unspoilt’ regional dishes and selected wines from across mainland Greece and our islands. Our seasonal menu uses only the best ingredients (including organic and gluten-free) and flavours that tell the story of our history and influences over the ages.

Its All Greek to Me Restaurant in Paddington


Bella Italia