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The Lost Gardens of Heligan

26 July 2022

Are you eager to explore the Lost Gardens of Heligan? We're sharing the wonder of the beautifully restored gardens and all they have to offer here.
Eyes and a face surrounded by plants and moss on a rock formation in the Garden of Heligan

Are you eager to explore the Lost Gardens of Heligan?

We’re sharing the wonder of the beautifully restored gardens and all they have to offer here:

The History of the Lost Gardens of Heligan

A Cornish family, the Tremaynes, began creating the gardens in the mid-18th century up until the beginning of the 20th century. The gardens were neglected and lost during World War I, only to be rediscovered just 30 years ago, in the 1990s.

A chance finding of a door in the ruins led to the discovery and restoration of what is regarded as one of the finest gardens in Britain.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan feature wild and wonderful plants that were imported from around the world by Victorian plant hunters. They now thrive alongside modern blooms that were planted during the restoration works.

The historical and modern aspects of the gardens coexist in a harmony of scents, colours, shapes and sizes. They bring the once-lost gardens to life in a captivating display of flora and fauna.

Things to Do in the Lost Gardens of Heligan

Whether you’re a plant enthusiast or a family looking for an adventurous day out, the gardens have something that will appeal to everyone.

For the younger generation in your group, they can embark on a journey of colour. Let them explore the magical gardens, discover the woodland walks and seek out the winding paths that twist around four ponds.

There’s an adventure play area featuring tunnels, slides and opportunities for climbing. Alternatively, why not take them deep into the ancient woodlands to discover the insect hotel?

Explore the Jungle

In the UK’s only outdoor jungle, you can delve into a world of banana plantations and tree ferns. The jungle is a paradise of subtropical plants set in a steep-sided valley, with pathways and boardwalks snaking through the palms and bamboo.

Why not adventure across the new rope bridge, which extends across the whole jungle? You’ll experience stunning 100-foot high, bird-eye views of all it has to offer.

Discover the Rare-Breed Farm Animals

From cattle and sheep to native black bees, the free-roaming animals offer a unique, up-close experience when you visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

The Poultry Orchard has chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys wandering around freely under the hanging boughs of the Cornish apple trees, whilst pigs forage freely for nuts and roots in the vast woodlands and fields.

The Heligan Kitchen and Bakery

The Heligan Kitchen and Bakery serve home-reared, free-range, fresh produce directly sourced from the farm and gardens.

During your visit, why not sample the heritage fruits and vegetables grown within the gardens? The bakery also offers delicious homemade cakes, breads and buns which you can pick up after your walk, or call to preorder and collect.

Visiting The Lost Gardens of Heligan: Where to Stay

The Ship & Castle Hotel in St Mawes is perfectly placed for you to stay for your Cornish holiday, just a short drive from the stunning gardens.

There’s a selection of rooms to suit your needs, with stunning sea views and an array of facilities to make your stay comfortable. There are also two beautiful dining areas, ensuring you’ll have everything you need for your luxury break in Cornwall.

Whilst you’re here, take the opportunity to explore the many coves, creeks and beaches along the Roseland Heritage Coast.

To book your room, please contact a member of our reservations team.

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