Meeting & Events – Covid-19 policies

Dear Meeting and Events Colleagues

I’m delighted to say that many of our hotels are planning to reopen their doors during the month of July, with others aiming for August. It’s been a difficult time for us, just as I’m sure it has been for you. But we’re excited to start welcoming customers back with a few new measures in place soon.

Here’s the new normal.

We have been rigorous in our introduction of new and enhanced cleaning measures to make our spaces just as safe as possible. Our teams have all received Covid 19 awareness training and have a health questionnaire and temperature check every day before starting work (think of it as a kind of special Bespoke ritual!) You will find additional signage and sanitising stations at key points around the hotel for your enhanced safety and our team members will be issued with their own sanitiser to carry with them at all times.

Whilst we will welcome you with our usual passion for hospitality you will notice a few changes in order to enhance our safety measures for both you and our teams.

Meeting Rooms

  • Initially, no large gatherings are to be undertaken, this will be reviewed in line with government guidelines.
  • Congregating in break out areas will be discouraged; however, refreshment/drink stations will be set up in respective meeting rooms. (Multiple stations can be set up,if appropriate.)
  • Room windows will be opened where possible, to aid room ventilation.
  • Pre-packed Grab and Go option and/or food boxes will be used and brought to delegates.
  • Meeting rooms will be thoroughly cleaned after each use, during breaks and before each use.
  • Cleaning will focus on hand contact points, including; tables, chairs, drink stations, equipment, controllers, door and cupboard handles.
  • Delegates will be encouraged to bring their own pens, pencils and paper.  These will be removed from all meeting rooms to avoid cross contamination.
  • Where possible (and weather permitting, of course) we would welcome you to move your meeting into our grounds & gardens
  • Hand sanitising stations will be provided at entrance to meeting rooms.


  • Departmental staff will keep to their own working area/department within the building and be discouraged from entering other areas of the hotel. 
  • When shifts change, handover should be done via phone or video call.
  • All departmental staff will receive COVID 19 training.
  • All staff will be provided hand sanitiser that they will keep on them at all times.

Download our Covid- 19 charter here