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About Us

Everything at Hotel Gotham, from the magnificent architecture to timeless décor, is designed to take the breath away. Many of the points of reference come from the rich history of the building. It was once a bank, so the ornate detailing, polished wooden counters and period architectural flourishes have been retained and enhanced. There are deep velvets, furs, leather and traditional metals.

There is inspiration also, from the golden age of travel, for details such as vintage suitcases, buckled belts and hat boxes. The in-room leather-bound hospitality unit takes its cues from a classic 1930s travel trunk with finely stitched detailing and antique brass finishes. One side is a wardrobe, with hanging rail, shoe storage and a full length mirror, while the other side offers a series of compartments housing a minibar, coffee maker, glasses, and cocktail set.

Having ‘set the scene’ it was only natural to add a few characters. You’ll notice several around the building playing a part and adding to the personality of the place and the charm of the experience.

So get to know the cast!

Lord Salford
Heir to the title, earldom, estate and fortune of Manchesterford. A dapper gentleman, Lord Cecil Salford can often be found entertaining in the Gotham bar of an evening. Whilst Lady Didsbury has him in mind as a potential suitor for her niece Lady Elsie Eccles he puts fun and frivolity at the top of the list as he charms and entertains the ladies from the local dancehall.

Lady Didsbury
Delores was brought to the North for her first season to find suitable nobility. The true extent of Delores Didsbury’s history is unknown except for her much-publicised marriage to her late husband Lord Donald Didsbury. Since his untimely demise in a Stockport Speakeasy she has been linked to Mr Chorlton, the Hotel Gotham general manager.

Lady Connie Crumpsall
Connie arrive in town and was immediately linked to ruinous scandal. Connie is the epitome of the roaring twenties. She catches the attention of young male aristocrats as she often emerges from the vaults at Hotel Gotham with bags of coins to spend on caviar and bubbles.

Bellboy Barry
Barry left his native Bolton for the excitement of Hotel Gotham. Bellboy Barry dreams of a promotion to Concierge. This is when he isn’t travelling the world, drinking cocktails and looking for a nice young lady to settle down with.

Mr Chorlton
Charlie Chorlton, the GM at Hotel Gotham. A dapper gentleman Charlie Chorlton is a bit of a mystery. Rumour has it he is a descendant of the Duke of Middleton but ran away from boarding school to join the circus. He can often be seen dining with Lady Didsbury in Honey at Hotel Gotham.

Tony Trafford
A waiter and ballroom dancer known for the ‘Trafford Tango’. Tony is Swiss-trained and has held the North West Waiter of the Year Award for three consecutive years. A keen ballroom dancer he can often be seen in the corridors of Hotel Gotham combining short and long steps in various sequences whilst carrying a tray of tea.