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Hotel Brooklyn Manchester Manchester, North West


Hotel Brooklyn is located for both convenience and luxury, providing ample opportunity to experience the city in whichever direction you choose. Featuring 189 innovative bedrooms, a lively restaurant, and an expansive 9th floor banqueting space with its own bar, Hotel Brooklyn is a defiant homage to the Gilded Age of New York City and the promise of the New World.

Like the old joint, Brooklyn offer an atmosphere of irresistible familiarity. It’s the unplaceable yet undeniable sense of belonging, where outsiders become insiders, that defines Brooklyn as a destination of true hospitality. Somewhere everyone is welcomed, exactly as they are. It’s a sanctuary for the urban explorers – a living room away from home, a workplace divorced from the office, a place where inspiration waits to be discovered and interpreted into an adventure of your own making.

Brooklyn offers guestrooms at four-star standard, alongside everything from unique meeting and event spaces for business functions, to the most stylish and desirable of environments for social gatherings. It represents the perfect mix between traditional influence and state-of-the-art technology.

“A place where outsiders become insiders, where stars ascend to new heights, and where we celebrate bygone eras by raising a glass to tomorrow.”