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Be Better

We believe every hotel benefits from a little individuality, a touch of tailoring to bring out its true heart and soul. That’s why hotels that join the Bespoke Group become better, because we impart a unique combination of professionalism, experience, flair and individuality.

Whether your mandate is to develop a new concept, or to turn around a grand old name, you’ll find that we talk hospitality with an unrivalled combination of enthusiasm and experience.


What We Offer

Bespoke by name and nature, we will provide all the structure and process you would expect from any other branded operator, but customised to ensure your hotel is the hero.




A Vital Balance

We pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio and our unique individualised approach to management and hospitality.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all contracts or try to mould your hotel according to a pre-determined template or brand.

We believe it is vital to balance the needs of owners, founders and operators from the outset. Successful business relationships are based on respect and understanding of priorities and business requirements.

Bespoke Proposals

Our management proposals are bespoke – tailored to your property and its essential character and environment. We don’t do one-size-fits-all contracts or try to make the hotel fit a pre-determined template or brand.

The key principles of bespoke hotel development, operation and management are:

Bespoke Expertise



Whether it’s a sales blitz to past, present or future users, Global Distribution Systems or conference agents to key bookers, we know who to talk to, how to talk to them and how to improve market share. All through a systematic and reliable process, with supervision and mentoring provided by our central team, and sophisticated CRM of our huge database of hotel users.



It’s a busy, busy world out there. To stand out from the crowd takes imagination, perseverance and sometimes a bit of courage. We can help you make your marketing budget work harder with a portfolio of online, print, promotion, PR and social media strategies that give you real bangs for your buck.



How to organise the efforts of the team, how to anticipate operational issues and plan costs effectively and accurately? These are regular daily tasks in which we have vast experience. We can lead where appropriate or delegate when this is more effective, in ways designed to control and optimise overall performance.


Revenue & Distribution

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Human Resources & Training

Whether it is for recruitment, head-hunting or staff training, our HR resource specialises 100% in the hospitality industry, helping to motivate and develop your people. We can run focused courses in specific aspects of hotel management, using our own senior management. Or we can build individual career development packages for all of your staff.


Financial Management

You need timely and reliable financial information at your fingertips in order to make good decisions. We introduce diligent, prescriptive reporting processes, interrogate results and monitor performance through your teams with a zealous streak. It’s how we are judged and it’s one of the key reasons why more and more hotel owners are turning to the Bespoke Hotel Group.


Purchasing & Stock Control

A single hotel can never purchase as effectively as one within a group. Buying power, group discounts, forensic cost evaluation and reviews of best practice will improve your business.


Advisory Services

No matter if you’re navigating an exit strategy, performing due diligence and pre-opening reviews, seeking to execute a smooth business turnaround, or introducing one-off projects such as senior management or payroll reviews, our Advisory team focus on the interest of the stakeholders and are thoroughly hands on. Working without lengthy contractual terms, we can offer fee flexibility in line with your goals.



We believe that brands make a difference, though of course they must reflect the real experience of your customers. We are experts at developing strong, identifiable brands and sub-brands that underpin a coherent marketing and positioning strategy. Our clients also have the option of joining the Bespoke brand website and partnership programme.